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Outside Influence seeks to build upon the confidence and communication skills acquired by homeless people through our tourism related activities.

It is a self advocacy project which champions community engagement, co-production and participative democracy led by those who reflect the broad definitions of homelessness, including individuals with experience of rough sleeping, as well as those currently living in temporary accommodation or accessing overnight shelters.

In addition to peer research designed to influence and inform public policy, the project also runs an ongoing leadership programme and a range of creative multimedia activities which challenge preconceptions of homelessness.

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Good Organisation is also currently incubating 'LIFE' as part a Lankelly Chase funded Multiple Complex Needs network operating across York.

LIFE is an autonomous project rooted within a Systems Change approach that actively seeks to change the way that lived experience is viewed and valued in decision making.

In addition to work within the MSN Network, the group has been instrumental in shaping early stage relationships to establish a local Poverty Truth Commission in York.

It is anticipated that this work will bring key decision makers and civic leaders together with those living at the sharp end of poverty to effect change.

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