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Google Reviews Ornella

It was incredibly special to listen to Miles and watch him give his experiences of the city through his own eyes.

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Facebook Jack

We really enjoyed the experience of being shown around York. Gavin was brilliant and we found out so much new stuff about this great city.

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Air BNB Tracey

Very interesting walking tour with lots of information about the history of the railways given by a knowledgable person with a huge interest in the subject.

A nice way to spend the morning.

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Trip Advisor Fiona

My partner and I went on Vicki's Guy Fawkes tour and it was absolutely brilliant. Vicki is a wonderful tour guide - she is engaging and incredibly knowledgeable about Guy Fawkes, and also shared her powerful personal journey.

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Trip Advisor Ciaran M

Vicky was a great, knowledgeable tour guide, who made the walking safe, interesting and fun! Telling the history of Guido Fawkes, tied in with her own story, and the iconic architecture of the city, made for a memorable tour of the city

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Trip Advisor Elizabeth S

We absolutely loved this tour!

It was well informed, fascinating and personal. Vicki was brilliant and we loved every second.

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