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Good Organisation’s ‘Digital Inclusion Lab’ initially sought to ensure that individuals affected by homelessness within York had access to connective technology during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

The project offered practical resources ranging from solar powered backpacks (allowing rough sleepers to recharge their phones), through to the provision of mobile devices, software and basic IT training.

Since then, the scope of the initiative has grown, and it now provides a supportive environment where homeless people can acquire a variety of skills and knowledge related to digital systems, encompassing everything from basic foundation level computer literacy to app development, coding and the application of proximity based technology.

The following activities have subsequently emerged from the Digital Inclusion Lab...
audible york logo
Audible York is GPS tour guide platform developed by local homeless people, which enables York’s residents and visitors to uncover the city’s history from a variety of different social perspectives.

Each tour incorporates an array of multi-media content from animated videos, audio interviews and transitional photographs showing local landmarks at different points throughout time.

The tours are available to download for both iPhone and Android devices and are currently free as we refine the functionality and design of the products through a series of live updates.

soundbyte logo
SoundByte is a micro-heritage project using badge designs from the past, which have been recreated with embedded technology.

Simply tap your mobile phone on a badge to obtain an audio description of its history and broader social context.

The audio files include interviews with relevant guest contributors, individuals who founded notable organisations and even some of the artists responsible for the graphic designs within the collection.

keychain logo
Keychain is a pilot programme currently being developed by the Digital Inclusion Lab in partnership with York Homelessness Hub.

The hub is part of a city-wide support framework, and this project aims to streamline access to services by utilising near-field communication technology.

It empowers homeless people to self-manage the information they wish to share with volunteers and street outreach workers via an integrated gateway.

lex talks logo
LEx Talks is a dynamic media resource containing a series of short, powerful presentations by those with Lived Experience of homelessness.

It incorporates interactive videos as part of a training toolkit, where conditional branching is used demonstrate different outcomes based on the decisions made by service providers when dealing with individuals with complex needs.

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